Hotel solitude

I was yesterday having a beer at the bar. Yes, not “a” bar but “the” bar. You know, that place where everybody knows your name. Or if you are like me and suck at remembering names, everybody knows your face. So I was having a beer with couple bar friends; when during the conversation, somehow, … Continue reading Hotel solitude

Summer is here!

Yup! Summer is here to stay … till fall. Genius! Anyway, now is that time of the year when a lot of people will travel, some to see family and friends, some to visit exotic places, some to lay down in the beach under a straw umbrella drinking piña coladas. Whatever is going to be … Continue reading Summer is here!

Thinking of Mexico

It is a good day here in San francisco but it’s been raining a lot lately. I’ve been missing Mexico. The heat, the humidity, the food, the relax and calm life. I have the feeling that simplicity is going to be a constant from now on, not only in this blog but in my life … Continue reading Thinking of Mexico