The GR Files #2

It’s been a long time since the first one, but a lot has change in my life since. Heck! I don’t even live in the same continent! Just a quick post now that finally I found time to record some sound. It is more difficult than I expected to find a quiet place. Vayan con … Continue reading The GR Files #2

Do something …

Do something with your photos. Seriously. Even if it just printing them at home. You would be amaze of the new dimension that your photos take. And I’m not talking about the physical dimension. Yes they turn from an intangible thing made of zeros and ones into this object that now you can hold, write … Continue reading Do something …

M for More … testing

Well, I keep experimenting with the DNG files of the M Typ 262. This time I processed some photos from my last shoot. Actually these photos are a bit older (couple weeks I think) than the ones from the previous posts. I just haven’t come around to process them since I was not really happy … Continue reading M for More … testing

Thinking of Mexico

It is a good day here in San francisco but it’s been raining a lot lately. I’ve been missing Mexico. The heat, the humidity, the food, the relax and calm life. I have the feeling that simplicity is going to be a constant from now on, not only in this blog but in my life … Continue reading Thinking of Mexico