And after all … I’m still shooting my Leica

2 thoughts on “And after all … I’m still shooting my Leica”

  1. I have the same problem – kind of. I have both Leica and Fuji (M240 and X-Pro2). I love the Leica for it’s handling and feeling. I love the X-Pro2 for the same reason, but the thing is; they are not the same. Strange…


    1. Hey Per! Thank you for stopping by. I totally agree with you. I always thought this was a myth created by Leica owners to justify their expensive purchases. After using the X100T for over a year I got an M4-2 (the bastard Leica), thinking it was going to be the same almost, and I realized that there was something very different about it. I went for a trip with only that camera and a few rolls of film. Something I haven’t done since I got my first digital camera!!!
      Once that i went digital with Leica, I guess i was very disappointed of the files and thought it was a mistake. But the more I shoot with it the more my Fuji is sitting at home.


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